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Rethinking The Way We Do Business Today

Rethinking The Way We Do Business Today

Starting a business is not an easy task and many young entrepreneurs does not have enough knowledge to run a sustainable business. Here are some truths you may consider while launching your startup


1. Surround Yourself With The Very Best People

Acquire as much knowledge as you can from your mentor who will hold you accountable for taking the actions you need to be successful

Find inspiration from trusted mentors who were there before and who achieved the level of success you need. Mentors can add a lot of value by refining and validating your actions. They usually reveal their strengths as well as their weaknesses and how to avoid them. He or she also should be willing to guide you in an effective direction or correct potential errors in judgment. Acquire as much knowledge as you can from your mentor who will hold you accountable for taking the actions you need to be successful, even if you don’t always agree or feel comfortable.

Surround Yourself With The Very Best People

2. Strive For Authenticity

People don’t buy products, they buy successful stories.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken! Personalize your brand, give it your own style, not someone else’s and stay excited about your idea. Authenticity inspires trust, authenticity means you have a strong self-esteem and you like yourself enough to share your experience with the world.

People want to be successful, they want to acquire a better lifestyle. People don’t buy products, they buy successful stories. They want to know the story behind a successful product. Make available the information about your offer and the benefits they can get from it. And ensure your brand message reflects your personality, your value, your vision.

3. Customer Is King

Build long lasting relationship

Treat customers well and they will treat you right. Customer is key to business success, they are part of your team, and they are the ones that spread your brand message. Learn to know your audience and what matters to them. That doesn't mean you have to track all their movement. Respect their  privacy. If you want to interact effectively with your audience, avoid using too much automation, automation limits real interaction. Build long lasting relationship with them.

You can do this by communicating with them in a personal way. Share your story, show your strengths and weaknesses, ask questions and answer to theirs… You also need to be honest and keep your words. Don't lie about your products, or services, you are not perfect as well as your products. No one is asking you to be so, don't try to impress or to be "superman", superman is fiction and for kids, you are an adult and professional entrepreneur now. People need to deal with real persons. People don't need to be impressed, they have real problems and they are searching for original effective issues without wasting their time, energy or fortune. You 've got to show what you can do to help them live better.

Be open to change. Successful businesses are the ones that find ways to adapt to change. Your content also needs to be innovative, appealing, and current.

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4. Be Aware of what’s Going Around…

 ...but avoid Overwhelming Situations

The noise online can create confusion, disappointment and disinterest

Every business has competition and you won’t be an exception unless you create something new and difficult to copy! It may sometimes be tempting to focus on your competition when the most important thing to is to be aware of what’s going around. I have learned to convert my potential competitors into partners by offering a complementary service.

It’s also easy to get lost in the here and now of running a business. The noise online can create confusion, disappointment and disinterest. That’s why most startups end up disappearing before even being launched. You can overcome overwhelming situation by relying less on the flow online. There is too much information online, and most of them are incomplete or invented. Get offline, meet the real people concerned about the subject, and ask them to share their experience with you.

Pourquoi Sommes-Nous Si Attentistes ?

5. Don’t Take a “No” For Granted

You’ll find customers who don’t want to buy from you, along the way. But don’t take a “no” for granted. That doesn't mean you should chase them all the time or force them to buy from you when they don't want to. Respect their position.

A “No” of today can become a “Yes” of tomorrow and even a “Yes Please Sir!

When I first “met” Richard Brandson online, I didn’t know much about him. I saw his name mentioned in a post and I added his Facebook fan page. Few days later i hit the “Unscribe” button. But earlier in September, while sharing one of my articles on LinkedIn, I saw a post of Richard Brandson that retained my attention.

Have you learned a lesson in leadership at home? I’d love to hear about it. Share your experience in the comments below. Or better still, “why not write your own blog on your top leadership lessons? Simply tag it #thevirginway and we'll have a read.

He was suggesting something I had never thought about before! I used to share some tips without being personal or sharing my experience. It made me realize that my business needed to be humanized! I was amaze and enthusiast. He helped me reveal myself to the world! Having someone who can push you to examine and reveal your passions is enormously helpful and the value is immeasurable. I feel closer to my audience thanks to Richard who became one of the most inspiring gurus I follow everywhere day…even on Facebook!

6. Building a Sustainable Business Takes Time and Experience

Building a steady, successful and sustainable brand require passion, openness and experience

I see many that most entrepreneurs rely on the get rich quickly mindset, but building a steady and sustainable brand require passion, openness and experience. You need time to create and test a strategy that works for you and for your audience.

I made many mistakes while launching my startup Trademark Art Designs

While launching my startup Trademark Art Designs at Diourbel my hometown, i wanted to adapt what I had learned online in the real world (Offline). But what works online may not always work offline especially when the contexts and mindsets are different. It was not that easy to scale my knowledge of business, most of the services I was offering like Web Designs and SEO were not a priority to my customers.

I made bad choices and lost money along the way but that’s what makes a business work. You will make mistakes but keep in mind that no one is perfect and as you are learning, you will need to make bad choices and correct yourself before you acquire a strong knowledge.

If you want to build a sustainable business strategy that has a solid foundation and that grows, consider these steps:

    • Avoid building your business upon tendency or online

Tendency doesn’t last and some of your prospects may not spend their time online.

    • Make your business local-friendly

To do that, you need to do a research to know your city, your culture, the market in place, your prospects, and their needs.

    • Identify those who are qualified to buy from you

Pay them a visit, introduce yourself and your brand and ask them what they need to have to stay productive, and then try to find a solution to their needs.

      • Replicate Your Strategy beyond your city and online

Once you build a strong presence offline you can try to replicate your strategy beyond your city and online.

What was your biggest challenge while launching your first startup? How did you overcome them? I‘d love to know!

What was your biggest challenge while launching your first startup?

How did you overcome them? I‘d love to know!

Fa Fa Ndiaye appelée communément Fa Baol est une passionnée de Graphic Design et des réseaux sociaux. Avec plus de 7 ans d'expérience en Communication des Entreprises et des Organisations, elle a fondé en début 2014 Trademark Art Designs, une entreprise Sénégalaise qui œuvre à connecter les Jeunes entreprises avec les investisseurs en vue de leur donner l'opportunité de renforcer leur système de communication, leur visibilité, leur savoir-faire et leur dynamisme.